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Sound Quality

The piano sounds were my number 1 priority. I use pretty much restrict my usage to the Piano 1 and Piano 2 presets. I think they rival those of higher end DPs. I tested higher-end Roland and Kurzweil DPs and found the P-60's sound and feel to be at least as good as those higher-end boards. Not a lot of effects but if you are like me and only want the piano sounds this more than fills the bill!


I bought this DP second hand and I believe it was told it was never gigged. I've only used it at home but it seems to be very solid. I would feel confident in using it without a backup. Its weight of 36lbs, 4oz (according to the manual) doesn't place it in the "Tank" category but it may be getting to be a bit heavy for some people.

General Comments

This model was released in 2002 and has since been discontinued. If mine were lost or stolen I would try and find another one on eBay or Craigslist, etc, etc. I am new to the piano but have played the organ for about 5 years. What I like most about this DP is its simplicity and great piano feel and sound. As mentioned earlier, I compared this DP with higher-end Rolands (RD700sx) and Kurzweil. I even compared it to the Yamaha CP33. I wish it had stage outs!!!

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