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Sound Quality

The guitar sounds awsome for the price. The bridge pickup is a bit noisy but the middle is pretty quiet and the humbucker is dead silent. Pretty rich sound, its hard to get it really bright. The volume knob is a bit noisy unless it is cranked above 7 or 8.


I would gig with this guitar in a heartbeat, its bulletproof. Isn't my first choice for a gig guitar but I wouldn't have a probem using it in a show. The strap buttons should be replaced with locking ones if you plan on standing with it alot as the strap will kinda slide off them. The finish is rediculously hard, if you need to get it off you'll be using a chisel. I've dropped it several times on wood and the scratches it has would easily buff off.

General Comments

I've only been playing 4 or 5 months, I've been a drummer 6 years. I have a Fender acoustic, the Ibanez, 2 ukuleles, a mandolin, a drumset, an S-101 bass, and a Yamaha keyboard. If it was lost I would probably build a tele because I'm ready for a better guitar(I'm a fast learner, I'm better than my friend whose been playing 5 years). I paid more than it's worth because it was set-up before I bought it, you can get them for $130 new and they are worth every penny. They are better than squires and epiphones for beginner guitars less than $200.

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