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Sound Quality

I played this amp with a ghetto double humbucker yamaha for a long time. Now I have a Gibson Bluesbird (best Les Paul-like value there is), but I also have a new amp... It gave a fairly nice clean sound, which could be adjusted nicely for either a nice bassy clean, or more treble. It really brought out the sustain in the yamaha, and the reverb added some atmosphere. But the reverb also made a fairly loud hissing sound when turned up past 5 or so. The chorus is pretty shitty though. It either has no effect at lower settings, or changes the pitch(becomes too 'wavy' at higher settings. There are knobs for Depth and Rate (for Chrorus), but I can't dial it in to sound good. The distortion channel is nice, but I really can only got a Led Zeppelin-esque crucnh from it. Not much range in the distortion, but it happens to make the sound I'd want anyway. The bass on the clean channel is distorted at medium to high volumes, which is really annoying. You could turn the bass down on the eq, but then the clean sound isn't as nice. Sounds nice with the Line 6 DL-4 I play with most of the time. Sounds bad with a flanger or wah... don't know why. For playing at home, this is fine in terms of volume and tone (for the most part) and it is decent live too. But again, it doesn't have the power for more expensive amps, so playing for lots of people probably will cuase problems. Enough volume for playing with a band though.


This a tank... actually more like a boulder (I'm a pacifist). I haven't treated it particularlly well, but there have never been any problems. There was actaully one time when I picked it up wrong, and the edge of the speaker, in the back, actually cut into my finger. But that's probably my fault! I was bleeding like no other though!

General Comments

I've been playing alternative (Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie) and acoustic (Howie Day, Matt Nathanson) and rock (Rage, Rusted Root, Hendrix, Zeppelin) for 6 years.I like this amp, good clean, and great distortion, even if it's not very adjustable. Fairly loud, you really don't need much more for a practice amp. The only bad things are the distorted bass, noisy reverb, and {censored}ty chorus.

If it were stolen, I wouldn't replace it, only because I just got a Marshall AVT 150 Combo. But that's in a completely different range! If I were in the market for this type of amp again, I'd deffinetly check out this amp or its newer Crate equivalent. By now, however, there may be an amp that is as nice as this one, with better effects... so don't buy something just becasue of a review on this site... Try them out and buy the best sounded one to YOU!!!

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