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Sound Quality

I have the 101b and the classic- the 101b has something different - more air in the midrange or something. The classic has more bass and is a little more in your face. Hey don't get me wrong - the 101b is in your face !!!! I put in on three and it was deafening... I put the gain up a little more than on my classic and put the bass all the way up instead of on seven. My lead guitarist, bass player and singer said right away that they liked it better than the xtc classic for lead guitar. It has a lighter more,"classic " sound than the classic. How crazy is that? They said that I was better on the xtc classic for rhythm guitar because I should have the more foward, bassier - is that a word? - sound. I have to agree- right now the sound we are getting is unreal ! These Bogner ecstasy 101b and classic heads have recently replaced a recto - marshall set up we had- our sound together now reminds me of a descending thunder storm at twilight beautiful and exciting, majestic and dark-yet velvety . It sounds like I am talking about a horror movie and a slice of cake but hey it's hard to descibe ! you have to play it for yourself or come to one our gigs at cbgb's It sounds so good I bought two xtc's in one month - and I am not ,at all ,a rich dude. it's just I got the classic and the recto sounded so terrible next to the bogner - it had to go. All other amps are not in the same league and come on - they shouldn't be - the xtc's are a hell of a lot of money. If the bogners didn't sound so gorgeous I definately would not have bought them- the xtc has a sound -from the moment you play it will haunt you for llfe- so you better f'in buy one or you will hate yourself - like the incredible chick you never tried for- oh yeah I married that incredible babe- she's so cool for," not stabbing me..." like my buddy Andy on mtv says. oh yeah g+l's with super d's -Bogner uberschall cabs My lead guitarist Talor uses a limited sg., faded v,-almost never, and a cheap charvel that I hooked up with a mini JB and locking tuners- that axe is my singer's but Talor pretty much feel in love with it like a pound puppy that no one wanted- I guess it's his now. We never even bought a case for that scrappy thing. I guess it's a shredder thing.


so far so good.


General Comments

I worship this amp if you haven't guessed- I fell in love with it ever since I played it for the first time at Rudy's in 2000. I even wanted to steal it - yeah that's right - I'm a scrappy rocker like you - when you don't have the cash because you're a f'in broke son of a bitch working across the street at Manny's selling rappers acid loops, midi sports, and an occasional over- priced so to be obsolete pro tools set up - you think about grabbing the thing and slamming a few heads to get out of the store. Shut up -you do think that so stop bull{censored}ting!

But basiclly I didn't because I worked across the street, It's a bitch to make a run for it with a 53 pound head, and he looked like he definatly had a gun. also cops hate me instantly- It must be that," die you pig!", look on my face that somehow makes it's way into family photos, and general life.

I would sell my soul like Blind dog Foltom at the Crossroads for this amp. The way I go on about this amp you would think I got an free one from Bogner or something- dream on - those dudes don't even throw in a f'n vinyl cover like boogie and marshall - dam - those punks won't even throw in a sticker !!! but hell I love those chumps for making the amp of the Gods !!!!!

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