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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Very quiet, quality built pedal. My signal chain is a 58 plaintop to the bad monkey, DOD compressor/sustainer, Traynor YCV80 2x12. Simple setup. This pedal does not have a lot of gain. Some players may not like that. Very dynamic EQ controls. I think this is one of the most natural sounding overdrives I've ever used. I've been looking for this sound for a long time. I love it.


Seems dependable. It's built very solid.

General Comments

For the price, you will not find a more musically natural sounding overdrive. This little box is so transparent. Absolutely no coloring of the guitar's natural sound. It really left me gobsmacked. I also use this box to drive a non-master volume 75 Marshall 50 watt lead head. It sends that old amp into overdriven glory. Very rich sounding. It nails the Jimmy Page, Allman Bros, Peter Green sound when using it in front of a Les Paul. Since it has very dynamic eq controls, you can really fatten up a thin Strat or Tele without adding too much dirt. In fact, I found that this pedal gave you that wide open SRV sound at modest volumes. It also let's dial out the "icepick" if your Strat is so afflicted. For 35 bucks you just can't go wrong with this.

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