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Craig Fornell

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Ok here we go! I've collected overdrive pedals for the last five years and I have some from when I was a kid (ts808)(ts9) and many others, This pedal impressed the shit out of me, it's the best overdrive sound imaginable, But I'll state the flaw right up front, this thing will not clean up when you roll the volume back! You teasin bastards! I mean for Thirtynine dollars I'll cut you some slack but this thing has the potential to be a Holy Grail status drive but this holds it back, especially an overdrive, which should clean up when you roll it back because these are the more expressive of the distortion genre! I double checked it with a Nobels OD1 and sure enough the Nobels go's from clean to crunch with a slight twist of your Guitar volume knob, I tried to EQ them the same but I like the sound of the Bad Monkey better, More amp like! But damn man! I would give it a ten but I'll have to rate it a 8 because of this!


True story! I once left a music store after buying a guitar and a Digitech phaser, I accidently left the phaser on top of my Jeep when I left and seen it fall in a intersection when I left the light! It got creamed by Two cars, the first hit shot it about thirty feet down the road and the second sent it to the curb! the box was lost, I swung around and picked it up and got a severe case of low self esteme and went home and sure enough other than cosmetics it plays fine! I will gig without back up, But will not gig with this until they get it to clean up!

General Comments

I play classic rock in a cover band and have played guitar since 1979, I have about as much gear as you can imagine, it comes and goes, I'll keep this for now, I feel this overdrive is on third base and the engineers at Digitech need Barry Bonds to homer this bad boy in with a modification to the circuit to make it volume sensitve and this will make the Bad Monkey the King Kong of the tube screamer sector! it dosent lose bottom end, it sounds natural and amp like, it just dosent respond like one.

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