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Sound Quality

I mainly use a '74 strat with Floyd Rose original modified by me and a Seymour Duncan JB at the bridge going into the JMP-1 with send/ return to/from a Lexicon MPX200 and going to a Marshall EL84 20-20 power amp to a 2x12 Celestion G12H (30 watts) no brand cabinet. I spent some time mastering the tone nuances one could obtain playing around with the parameters and I have to say that you can easily shape almost any kind of good sound (from a valve/digital rack unit point of wiev). Of course a good help comes from the MPX200 which is a wonderfully sounding 24 bit reverb unit even though I usually never set the effect send level over 6 to have a perfect balance with the real sound in front and the effect as a sort of aura spreading from it unless I want to recreate those 80's cold and sharp guitar tones. Another parameter I'm careful to use to the max is the gain which, specially in the od2 channel, from 16 up tends to add background fuzziness to the tone. Furthermore, in search for that special vibrant yet armonious and sweet crunch tone a lot of people is after, I'm sure, I think to have reached the limit of the digital eq section feeling a lack of definition and swetness in the high mid range. I compared this tone to the one I'm able to obtain on my Marshall Valvestate S80 2x12 combo which uses an analog eq section and a very useful mid band shifting control (contour) and I really miss this one on the JMP-1. The presence parameter also is not very useful with distorted sounds since it causes harshness, it's much more usable on clean sounds but I tend to add some valve generated presence from the EL84 20-20 power amp since it reacts better with the speakers. I like a lot the solo sounds this thing is capable to deliver with both clean and distorted channels, very clear penetrating focused and singing tone, still bearing in mind the function the other components of my rig have on tone.


This unit seems well built and robust enough so I don't mind giggin' around without backup ...maybe just some spare tubes.

General Comments

Im 33 and have been playing since I was 16. I used to play a bit of everything, both originals and covers, heavy metal, rock, blues, progressive, R&B, funky and some jazz and fusion.

My first guitar was a 70's Hofner with Bigsby style tremolo which I found in the garbage(?!)

Then I had a Charvel Jackson model 3, swapped in a London shop with the 74'strat I've got now and I owned also a Les Paul DC studio and an Epiphone Sheraton 2 semi acoustic.

As amp I use the 3 rack unities and cabinet I've talked about plus a Fender Twin and marshall valvestate S80 combo (mod. 8240).

I use a Jim Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal, a Mesa Boogie V-twin valve od pedal and a Roland GR 33 guitar synth.


Im very happy about the midi features of the JMP-1 and satisfied with the sound in general considering also its convenience in studio type uses. As I said before, I only wish it had an analog sounding eq with parametric mid control to better tailor the sound.

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