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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Well my new amp arrived and wow! Vox definately addressed the fan issue. My new amp has a fan, but it is quiet as a whisper. Also cosmetically it is flawless, showing quality continues to climb the longer this amp is in production. Needless to say I am one happy camper and recommend this amp to anyone who wants tone that nails the original amps modelled for a fraction of the cost. Again , Bravo Vox!The amp just sounds great with my Affinity Squier Tele belting out some blues rifts. I say hands down this thing has more bang for the strumming buck than any amp close! Vox sucks unbelievable warmth out that 12AX7 tube and then they put it directly in your amps tone. Distortion doesn't sound harsh and ragged, you still hear your guitars tone. Volume is adjustable from a third volume controll on the back which allows your amp to rock with the same tone at all volume settings including 1 watt!I think that taking the plunge will only give you tone you dreamed about in the under $400 club and it will excell many amps costing considerable more! Vox, Korge and Celestion sound in a package ole Squire could afford! http://www.eagleenterprise.com/squierred


This is a rugged and well constructed amp. If you do have a problem, call Vox. One tube, not much to go wrong!

General Comments

I own a Squier Tele and Squier SP-10 amp modified, been playing one year, mostly Blues. I would definately by Vox again because of customer service and excellent tone for dollars ratio! I tried several amps at Guitar center including Fender Fm series, Peavey and other hybrid amps and they just didn't deliver the warmth and tone. If you need a great amp that transforms from bedroom to gigging, this amp deserves a serious look! http://www.eagleenterprise.com/squierred



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