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Craig Fornell

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Ok, I was very pleased what this did for my Fender blues jr. But it did sound a tad dark and did'nt clean up that well with the guitar's volume but sounded as good and better than my other boxes, some of which are boutique. I still like my HBE powerscreamer but the boost switch went out and back to the monkey I went. I also just recently aquired a reissue Marshall JTM45 head with matching 1960 cab loaded with 25watt greenbacks, this was a spontaneus purchase that will cost me a months overtime and drew a WTF! look from my wife and to crank it to get that glorius crunch will put me in the catagory with the kids who run there dirtbikes up and down the street in the eyes of our neibors and law enforcement! Our band usually plays smaller venues and rarely get to the outdoor stages. Well after bashing through a corus of the Who's, (won't get fooled again) at full power and shutting down waiting for the cops to show up, I tried the bad monkey and was able to make the amp sound and respond just as it had cranked but a much more reasonable level! And that volume issue I had seems lessened with the marshall, I was able to turn down and it would clean up! Fact is this combination is extremely sensitive to picking and volume changes! The monkey easly retained the amp's caracter and you can add bass to keep the cabinet's THUNK unlike a tubescreamer. Guitar's I'm using are a Schecter C-1+ and a S-1 elite and a Gibson 61SG reissue and all sounded excellent! This is now my ultimate rig but will continue to gig with my Vox valvetronix 60watt head and controller for sake of simplicity but again if were outdoor on big stage then this is it! as for other effects? a HBE compretro(SWEET!) a Budda wah, MXR phase 100, Dan echo, some alternate tunings and a heavy Dunlop glass slide gets everything done for me!


As I stated earlier I had a case of dumbass and left a digitec phaser in harms way and it was ran over by two cars and was seriously blemmed but continued to work! I just dont use it anymore because I lost interest in the rise fall anf step filter. Boss may have passed this test but I seriously doubt my few boutique pedals would! I have bought a second as back up and bought a third to give to our other guitar player, everyone can afford to be a philanthrapist with what digitech is charging for these greenmeenies!

General Comments

Currently play in classic rock cover band, just handed keyboard duties over to accomplished player and play lead/rythym and Mandolin. Been playing since 1979 ahve been in original material band and recorded but always as hobbiest weekend warrior but had offers to join professional group, Ive gone through some equiptment over the years and this pedal really stands out for performance and value and in it's own way I look at it as the tubescreamer of the new millinium!

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