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Sound Quality

I used the amp with a USA tele - all single coil. This amp's sound is MUDDY. Hardly any of the character of the instrument comes through (with our without pedals). The "Fat" switch is pretty much worthless. It sounds dense and harsh with or with it. The reverb is very low quality with cheap parts. Mine broke and I had a better one put in which only cost less than $20. I couldn't say it breaks up much because the sound is so darn muddy at low and high volumes that it really doesn't matter. I have a really great 1964 Pre-CBS original Princeton and a very inexpensive Epi Valve Jr. - both are way and away better than the Blues Jr. Save yourself a few hundred bucks and get the Epi Valve Jr. for half the price of the Blues Jr. you get a nice clean amp that distorts nicely (although it is not well built - if you bang it up much the fuse is likely to fall out of its place).


The reverb tank is very cheap and broke. Also, some circuitry malfunctioned and it kept turning off its sound for no reason right in the middle of playing. Save yourself some trouble and don't buy this amp.

General Comments

I would never buy one of these again - I sold mine at a loss just to get rid of it and recoup of few bucks.


Sounds awful(muddy at any level), breaks easily - what's to like (the name I guess).



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