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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Don't let the size fool you, the loudest 5 watts that will ever make your arm hairs vibrate. The first time I dimed it, it took my breath away. No kidding. My heart started racing and I felt faint like the first time I took that hit in the schoolyard.

It actually reminded me of the first time I heard a rock and roll record on my dad's old Hi-Fi, he had an old stack of 45s with stuff like the Beatles, Elvis, Roy Orbison and even Bob Dylan (not to mention Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn.)

My guitar, an 80s Gibson V with 57 PAF reissues, took a life of its own. Wailed like a banshee. Been playing 30 years and this got the blood pumping like I was still a teenager. The open end Class A is extremely dynamic, your picking technique is half the sound. Hard soft, in and out -- it's like the beginner sex manual. Repeat when necessary.

Some might feel lost without treble, middle and bass controls but that's what those knobs are for on the guitar (remember them?).

Want a little more clean headroom? Roll the volume down. Save a little extra for solos. Want  warmer rhythm? That's what the tone knob is for. Seems like such a simple thing but nobody seems to know how to use it. More than 3/4 of the sound is in your guitar, and this amp brings out the character of each one, whether it's a Strat, LP or even an acoustic.


No worries, just don't drop it or spill beer. Love the retro styling, one knob makes a statement.

General Comments

Love it. It's a bit of a trick to use live w/o a footswitch or channel switching. But that's not what this guy is about. It's about ripping in the garage and cranking out screaming vintage rock tones loaded with chunky compression and drenched in harmonic overtones. I use an older style wah and that's about it as far as FX goes. There isn't a lot to this amp, which is the charm and the drawback. Gains are great but cleans a little harder to come by. Still, this little puppy delivers pure Class A excitement.

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