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DOD FX25 Envelope Filter Pedal

Sound Quality

I've mainly had success using the FX25 after a Dyna Comp. I know that's not the idea with Envelope filters, because the sound depends on your picking attack and signal level, etc. and a compressor messes with all of that. But without the compresser I find the envelope closes too soon. With the compressor, I get a slow, sometimes interesting decay, even though the gate can slam shut at the very end. Oh well. But the point is the compressor makes the effect more controllable.


DOD makes decent little Chinese pedals. Why can't they spend another friggin 10 cents and spec this thing with a standard old school switch instead of that rediculous plastic joke-of-a-mechanism?

General Comments

I'd probably get a mini Q-tron if I could do it over. But I still like the FX25.

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