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Sound Quality

I play a Mesa Triaxis and a Mesa Strategy 500 Pwr amp with and ART tube parametric EQ and occasionally a Rane dual 15 band EQ. Mesa equipment is extremely noisey, and my attempts to use the gate feature have only met with frustration and dissatisfaction. Some of the other effects are fair, but the gate sounds and feels like shit. I have run it through the effects loop on the Triaxis and it was bad. I ran the unit in a straight line with everything else, and that sucked too. I tried before and after the EQ - shitty either way. I mentioned that the other effects sound fair, while that is true, the Intellifex is not a reactive piece of musical gear. I have completely cut this thing out of my signal path because of signal and tone degradation. It's great for switching my other midi devices though!


I purchased this unit used from a friend who had had it for a while. I have had it for over a year and up until about a month ago it has been rpetty reliable. Now I'm having some problems with the locking up (what is this? Win 98 or some shit?). Nothing like playing through software that locks up on you. Maybe it's just this unit - maybe it's all of them. I don't know.

General Comments

Overall, I don't like the non-responsive feel and the gate has really sucked for me. I'm not impressed. I've got another friend who purchased his new and has also removed it from his rack. If you like the feel of playing through software and don't mind it locking up - this unit is for you! For me, the search continues.

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