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Sound Quality

I bought it 5 or 6 years ago and used it live quite a bit, until the switch brokem, after 2 months! I jimmy-rigged it and ended up with a much better switch than DOD had installed. It sounded OK with my setup at the time. Marshall JCM 900, Strat with Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, Crybaby wah, & Boss Super Chorus. I now use a TS-9 Tubescreamer, way better.


I think DOD makes very unreliable products, I will never buy another DOD effect again. Like I said the switch broke within 60 days. I can only guess that their target customers are 13 year old boys just learning to play guitar. Any semi-serious player, or anyone that has any experience with equipment would never in their right mind purchase such poorly made effects. I am not even talking about the sound quality, that is irrelivant. Would you buy a Ferrari if it ran great, handled nice, but broke down every 2 miles? No. So who cares how they sound, they are made poorly. I am not basing my opinion on just the Attacker. I have had experience with other DOD's over the years. Toys not to be taken seriously. Why buy and DOD when BOSS makes effects that can take a direct hit from a Tomahawk missle and still work? A 13 year old boy might say, "because they look cool, and have groovy names like "GRUNGE", or "ATTACKER". Please.

General Comments

I play rock, (Bob Mould, Buffalo Tom, Janes....etc.) I would never buy any DOD again. I would rather wrap tissue paper around a comb and slide it under my strings than use this box. The paper and comb would probably stand up and last longer than the DOD.

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