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Sound Quality

My setup is this: Marshall JCM 900 100 watt dual channel through a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab. I play a strat (most of the time) with an HB humbucker in the bridge. My pedalboard runs as follows: Budda Wah+, TS-9 Tubscreamer, Boss Super Chorus, Boss Super Phaser, Boss DD-5 Digital Delay. I love how the Budda fit in replacing my Crybaby. It sings. I originally ordered just the Buddah Wah. They were back ordered and it was taking too long. I called the store I ordered through a couple of times. They called Budda and BAM! They overnighted the Wah+ instead. No upgrade charge either. The Wah+ has a little kick switch on the side that converts it into a volume swell pedal and adds 16db of boost. Pretty cool feature.


Sure. Even my Crybaby lasted 14 years before it started to croak. The Budda seems sturdy enough.

General Comments

I play original rock, ala Buffalo Tom, Screaming Trees, Bob Mould, Jane's Addiction, ...blah blah blah...

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