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Sound Quality

The guitar has quite low output so it is bassy sounding (rich and full) but not in a bad way it has a lot of balls which is good for rythem playing, I have had no problems with unwanted noise and using the tone and pickup selecters it is possible to have quite a few different sounds from this guitar I enjoy playing fu manchu type stoner riffs on this guitar and sounds a bit like playing with a bigg muff with the tone control down. I DO NOT DISLIKE THIS GUITAR IT RULES !


If the guitar does not stand live playing (which i think it should be ok i have used it alot so far)i will cry , just looking at it it looks so nice, it is a well build guitar that should last a very long time as long as it is treated carefully the strap is secure and you can depend on it I would use it at a gig with out a back up.


General Comments

A very nice well built guitar with a full and rich tone that can sound as good as and maybe even better than top range models i just wish i could find out more info on them

Reviewer's Background

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