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Sound Quality

to be honest this is not the greatist sounding axe but wot do you expect for the money. i like to play mainly rock or metal and that is wot this guitar is good for. i would like to play blues but my gio is not really suited for it. but on the other hand the guitar dont sound to bad and i have been playing it for a year so it cant so its not all that bad


the gio fills like a tank. i doubt if i droped it of a cliff it woude not brake i have droped mine about 3 times and it is still ok

General Comments

i like this guitar and its flaws some how make it more endearing to me but i wish i had saved my money and had bought a gibson (i was trying to penny pinch) i am now going to alot more and buy a gibson but i will keep hold of my gio mostly becoz of its crap colour and that it makes my mates laugh when i turn up with it



it makes a good first guitar dont do wot i did and buy a flying v style axe, looked good but was horrible to play.

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