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Sound Quality

I play a solid body,humbucker pickup guitar through a marshall 8004 stereo amp and a 9000 series pre amp with the GSP 5 on the effects loop and the sound is fantastic, but sometimes abit noisey, i never really like all in one units distortions but combined with the 9000 it can have a fat crunchy sound which i like alot, you do have to play around with the sound alot but it is worth it the reverb is very good on about 93-93 and some of the chorus settings are very good too.


The unit is 11 years old i have only had it for one year but use it quite alot, sometimes second hand equipement can suck but i think that the quality of this unit shines through and in the future i will be using it with out a backup


General Comments

I play heavy / mellow rock and find that alot of the sounds can be used in one way or another it is a good match i'd say, i have been playing for around 7 years if it was lost or stolen i would cry! but try to get another one it can help make music but to manny effects can over do it and muddy the sound so be carefull

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