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Sound Quality

Having good quality, low noise cables really makes all the difference in sound. Some of the pre-defined patches seem a bit week and a couple of the sliders seem a bit dirty. Adjusting them slightly helps. I'm using a LP studio with DiMarzio Humbuckers running into a Fender Deluxe amp. It's noisy on the clean side, but when I switch to the gain channel and turn the amps gain down, it works great!


Haven't had it long enough to take it to a gig, but I did resolve the battery issue so it's not going to be an issue now. Write to me and I'll tell you what I did to resolve the problem.

General Comments

I play 70's, 80's rock, some jazz fusion and some heavy metal tunes. I've been playing for over 10 years now and yeah, i'd replace it if I lost it. I like having something light and easy to take along. Plus it works great for running into my Tascam 4 track.

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