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Mesa/Boogie Lone Star Special 112 Combo

Sound Quality

I'm using several guitars . . a PRS Custom 22, a Jeff Beck American Strat and a '91 Gibson Studio Les Paul and it sounds awesome with each of them. However, each guitar is so different from the next that I definitely have to change the settings from one to the next. I am a recording engineer at a small studio in Virginia. I've got a 65 Ampeg Gemini I, a '94 Mesa Dual Rectifier, a Mesa Nomad 45, a Fender Junior Pro and a Marshall JCM-2000 Dual Super Lead in here . . this amp sounds NOTHING like any of them. I bought it at a store in Roanoke and took it to the studio, hoping that putting a microphone in front of it would bring me joy. It did. I originally just thought it would be a way to get some SRV-type tones that I couldn't seem to find with the other amps but truthfully, the sounds it has BESIDES that "blues thing" you're probably looking into it for are fantastic. It does that "barely dirty but not metal" sound beautifully. I was actually in the market for a Vox AC-15 or 30 but grabbed this one instead. I never even got to TRY OUT the Vox . . . maybe that one's next. How BRUTAL is the distortion? NOT brutal at all. It's brutal if you consider "Toys In The Attic" or "Temple of the Dog" to be brutal albums. It's my "adult" amp. I love it and will not part with it.


It's fairly heavy and seems to be very well built. I have had it for a few months but to be fair, it stays here in the studio so it will probably live a pretty good life.

General Comments

I think this is a great amp and I am proud to have it here in the studio. I would buy another one if something happened to it. I do wonder what it would sound like with a Vintage 30 Celestian inside of it instead of the "Black Shadow" that's in there. Maybe I'll buy one and put it in there.

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