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Paul N

epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Sounds very good; I would not miss the tone control, I don't think. I tend to set my tone controls and just leave them, unless the room is really strange. And I tend to roll the bass off the louder I crank. You don't have that option here, but no worries.


As others have mentioned, it looks very well made. The tolex is nicely done, there is a metal mesh screen on the back. One would have to take the back off the head to change tubes; 6 screws, as I recall. The verdict is out for me on Chinese made stuff; might just be my politics. As someone here has said, at $99, by two...

General Comments

The only reason I'm not keeping this is that there is not enough headroom for me. I know, I know, change to an 12AT7. If this were 15-20 watts, no question, I would keep it. It is THE quietest tube amp I have ever heard. Wide open, it is barely perceptible that it is even on....that and the size is perfect...

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