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Sound Quality

This is a great pedal and I am so glad I found out about it. I really like a flange but I wanted something that could be much more subtle and also do a glassier chorussy sound. Well this did it. I also wanted something that did not destroy the tone and from what my ears tell me it might as well be true-bypass, no sound loss, boosting of frequencies. The blend knob is key because you can dime all everything and only mix in some of the signal. Pull bach the mach (speed) a bit and you can get scofield agogo sound of it.


This is my third old DOD pedal. I believe it to be from the late eighties maybe early nineties. They have not failed me yet and I trust the switch on this (though it is plastic) more than the older early 80's ones. I have the classic fuzz and the octoplus and I was impressed at the assortment of sounds I can get with these three. I also have in this order, classic crybaby>mutron III+>DOD fx35 octoplus>ibanez ts7 (soon to be replaced by more reliable digitech bad monkey because the ts7 switch is total shit and enitrely not reliable, don't buy one)>DOD fx747 supersonic flanger>dod fx52 classic fuzz> in the loop, boss ph-3 (don't buy one of these either, it ate your tone and shat it out quietly for breakfest, and while your at it don't buy the digitech main squeeze either, tooooo noisy) into EHX memory man deluxe reissue> peavey delta blues 210, i use a epiphone dot vs

General Comments

I play blues, funk, rock, reggae, hard-rock, and some ambient noise crap, haha. I would buy another if this were stolen and highly recommend it as a low-cost, very high flange quality. it is not an extreme flanger but perfect for what i wanted it. The blend know is the best part and wish all pedals had a dry/wet mix know.

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