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Sound Quality

my setup: jackson jdr94 with a paf pro (w/coil tap) in the neck position and a schaller 2in1 in the bridge position, also replaced the crappy jackson floyd for a lo-pro edge (neat guitar), then, the signal goes to a dunlop wah and to my peavey triumph pag 120 (great amp, cheap too), the ax1000 is in the effects loop of the peavey. about the effect sound: modeling is quite good, but doesn´t beat the distortion of the triumph (awesome) it´s funny that i use the effects that i actually dislike from the unit. The chorus sounds horribly digital (unless used in stereo, why?) delays are okay by themselves, but combined with reverb, they suck, the rev/dly combinations really adds mud to the sound. Flanger, good. Phaser, really good. Pitch, so so, but i love the ability to delay the harmonized sound (can do vai´s ballerina´s trick). cabinet emulations..hmm, it depends. they really cut the higher and lower frequencies and takes life away from the sound, some of them are really a waist of bits. Some others warm up the sound, but at the expense of crispness and low end. The distortion emulations are better than others (like zoom), but not enough for me (they are really pick sensitive, but lacks dynamics and presence, and the overall textures of the mild drives sucks) the most importan drawback for me is that when you use the drive+cab+chorus, etc..the sound feels like coming from nowhere, the sounds gets stuck in the speaker and doesnt come out, its frustrating, very uninspiring..thats why i use it through the effect loop, and only use the modulation and rev/dly effects. pitch shifter sounds bad (harmonized sound sounds totally muddy and digital, and with less volume), but the intervals are ok. other cools effects are just gimmicks, i dont really use them. overall, it sounds decent, but not pro. can give you hours of fun, but at last you get bored for the lack of life of the unit. one thing to the boys from korg "INCLUDE AN EQ MODULE!!!! AND A CLEAN SOUND IN THE PRE MODULE!!!!!"


very reliable.sturdy.

General Comments

i play mostly vai an satch, and blues (yeah really, dont laugh), any style, actually.

overall this is a wonderful practicing unit, but not suited for professional uses.

good sounds, good looks, good price..best for the buck.


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