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Sound Quality

I use a epiphone DOT with the factory pick-ups and it sounds great through this amp. Very crisp and punchy and the DOT allows for an expansive variation in tone. The clean channel sounds really nice and more like a vox than a fender. I play blues, rock/hard-rock, funk and some experimental stuff that all sounds great through this amp. i was worried before i bought this amp that the lead channel would be too soft on the distortion side like my friend's hot rod deville but it provides. It has ample over-driven tones that will suit me perfectly and between that and my favorite fuzz pedal will provide all the variety i need. This amp is really not that noisy, just as much as any tube amp. i've only had the amp for four-days but i've already gotten many different cool sounds to come out of it and i really like the tremelo (despite it's drop in volume when switched on, i could really care less seeing as how easy it is to boost the volume in alternate ways when needed). The clean channel distorts at high volumes, meaning HIGH ouch volumes. Over all sounds just as good as an amp that costs twice as much or more.


I believe i can depend on this amp as i've had other peavey products. I was admittedly horrified however when after i was playing 1 hour there was a ridiculously loud hum (reverb feeding back to the speakers) when the verb was turned above 4. I wrote the peavey forum immediately and the next morning there was a response. In an email they asked if the amp was near a dimmer-switch and indeed it was, for somereason they cause interference problem solved. I can expect to rely on this amp and understand that the lack of a stand-by switch will increase the frequency i'll need to replace the tubes

General Comments

This is my first tube amp and i was desperate to finally upgrade. I've been playing for six years and have been wanting a valve amp for half-that time. This amp had all the features i wanted for a great price. I love the sound, flexibility, and if i'd had a grand i would've gotten a vox but would miss the lead channel and my other 700 bucks. The standby switch and 2nd. eq would really be nice but the eq thing can be easily solved by purchasing an in-line eq.

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