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Sound Quality

I use single coils, plain and humcancelling. No matter how trebly your straight sound, this unit puts a blanket over the extreme highs-- but pretty much any stompbox chorus is gonna do that. If you play even a little distorter, it won't bother you at all. I play very clean, usually, so it does bother me. But sound of the chorus itself is fine. AND, what's worst, the bypass is active, meaning 1, if the battery quits in the middle of a song, your screwed, and 2. even bypassed the very very highest treble is muffled a wee bit. But nost of the other choruses out there, at this price, don't have true bypass either. One plus is that it's quiet.


My experience with both DOD and BOSS and other boxes with good reps,is that if they work once (out of the box), they work forever. There's nothing this chorus does that I couldn't finish out a night WITHOUT, if it quit. But I have two anyway (like to play around with stereo rigs, two amps etc). Battery lid is secure, knobs not prone to flying off, good jacks, I think you could run it over and it would be fine.

General Comments

Mostly i use choruses and phase shifters and suchlike to make a sweet, clean tone, even better. This works for that-- at the slowest speeds (again, they're almost ALL like that, 99%). I use a MotionSound guitar "Leslie" the same way. Sometimes I use 'em together. I DON'T try to get fast speeds out of this, anymore than I would out of my brother's BOSS. Seasick detuning. My fave setting is SPEED 0 and all the rest up full. Subtle and very tasteful. People who don't like effects, like it. I'd give it a 7 or 8, but only if I was comparing it with $300 unites. Which I am not. It's a perfectly usable little stompbox. I have no real complaints.

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