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Sound Quality

As long as you don't use the EQ section in the Quadraverb Plus then it sounds quite good. This box can do just about any standard effect with the exception of pitch-shifting, plus it has some unique effects alongside for good measure. The quality of the individual F/X depends on the algorithm you use, and range from very nice to very crappy. The reverbs and the delays are very nice; the modulation effects (flange, chorus, phaser, detune, etc) are good, the resonators are good (but a tad noisy) the ring modulator is just plain wierd (but useful for strange vocal FX) the EQ section is entirely too noisy (and therefore sucks) and the sampler is just plain useless, and seems only meant to be a novelty. Generally if the EQ is avoided, then you'll get good results out of this machine.


I've dropped this thing several times on marble and concrete floors, hauled it to gigs, beat the hell out of the buttons during editing, and the whole nine yards. It still works and has never even hiccuped. This is the kind of unit you don't have to worry about when you play out.

General Comments

As with most of the Alesis line of effect processors, the Quadraverb Plus was a reasonably-priced and nice-sounding unit. The fact that it can do up to five simultaneous FX at once and not lose much programmability would make me buy this again (I recently got a Midiverb 4 and am considering getting a Quadraverb 2.0) without any qualms. I personally wish Alesis would have used better DAC's on the I/O's, and this is one reason why the EQ section is so cheesy. I also felt Alesis could have omitted the sampler and expanded on the pitch detuner (make it a pitch shifter perhaps?) instead. All in all, I was and still am very happy with this unit despite the shortcomings I've outlined here.

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