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epiphone SG-310 "Hi-Performance" Electric Guitar Pack with Valve Junior Amp

Sound Quality

Noisy but nice. Single coil noise...no hum is being bucked here. For $125.00 (eBay) this guitar is alot of fun. Roll the tone knob down a little. I have over a dozen guitars and amps. Right now this is my 'sofa' guitar. Light as a feather.


it probably could use new tuners & new Gibson pots. I've used this guitar live. I play out of a Fender Silverface Super Reverb (4x10) and a Fender Blues DeVille (4x10). I A/B box both amps and have them running at all times. Guitar sounded great & looks cool,too!


General Comments

as a result of getting this guitar and having fun with it...I just purchased a real Gibson SG Junior. I guess I feel the Gibson will be a little more solid and 'official'. I have an ES-140,Strat,Flying V's,Les Paul Junior,Gibson SG,Danelectro 12 string and U2,Fender Musicmaster,etc. I like this guitar. even if it is put together like a piece of crap...it still sounds OK.

Reviewer's Background

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