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Sound Quality

For metal this is the ultimate guitar. The DiMarzio style humckers absolutely rock. They have great low end, a biting but not shrill top end and are very quiet. The booster and cap mod is an optional feature that kicks the front end of the amp without being muddy or adding alot of noise. The cap mod is a treble booster that works great for lead.Usually import guitars have crappy pickups but these are awesome. My next MCS guitar will have the booster as well.


Haven't gigged with it yet but not worried at all. This guitar is an import built to Neal's specs and goes through his shop before they go to dealers and it compares to any USA made or custom piece out there. The quality, fit and finish are equal to the USA and custom shop Jacksons I have owned, ANY USA BC Rich, IBZ's ESP, whatever. This guitar is that good!!


General Comments

I absolutely love this guitar. I could not aford a tru custom built guitar from anyone or many of the "USA Made" guitars like the Dean USA Razorback V and the Moser Custom Shop was able to fill my needs with an import model that plays and sounds as good as any of these others I tried or have owned in the past. In the past I had some awesome axes that I continually kick myself for not being able to have kept them or sold them for something I thought was better and now I can finally put that to rest. This guitar meets all my needs and looks incredibly wicked. I play extreme metal and the MCS Spawn is perfect!

Reviewer's Background

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