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Sound Quality

Sounds good with S or H Pickups and has a nice chime in clean 1-5 starts to distort after that.Can use for any style . If it dosn't have enough highs in distort mode use a treble boost.(this is like a small AC30 if you need an edge to your sound a slight boost wiil make a huge difference.) This amp wasn't made for brutal distortion or a ton of bass it's only 1 10" speaker. Sounds great for what it is.


IT's one of the first one made from what I can tell and has the original tubes so it couldn't have been use that much. It works great for me but being that it's Class A it probably burns through power tubes a lot quicker than Class AB amps.(EL84 aren't a big money item)

General Comments

I've ben playing for 30+ yrs.I've got 3 marshall (69 100 trem 2 77 JMP 50 ) 4 fender ( showmen ,pro ,bassman, princeton reverb) a kittyhawk M5 misc Vox ect. One of the best value I've ever seen even at new prices ,most Class A 15 watt amps will cost you at least twice as much.

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