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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

it sounds BRUTAL! this really is a heavy metal guitar. im using a roland cube although i think it would sound good through any amp.


its built really well, and its actually very light. the hardare is all named brand and its pretty much top shelf everything so no worries. i wouldnt ever gig without a backup, but if i had to this'd be the guitar id use. its very well built.

General Comments

ive bene playing for about 12 years and i gotta say i love it. if there was something i could change it would be the scale length, simply because sometimes i gotta really stretch to play those low notes, but boy, when ya do its soooo worth it. its a snarling dog. if anyone ever stole it i'd set their pubic hair on fire. i like this guitar and i dont think i'll ever need another seven string for a long time.

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