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Sound Quality

very good. original i bought it to clean up my sound and throw it in front of the boss metal zone AKA the pedal from hell (i hate that damn thing) looking for a super metal tone. well i moved on from that and got good amp distortion and really didnt need it till recently. with my rig when i would go to solo i wouldnt get the kick in the ass i needed. i read that slash uses one of these in his rig purely to boost his sound for soloing. so i remembered i had mine laying around and thought i'd give it a try. after some tweaking and finding what i wanted for the boosted solo tone (more treble and mids for bite) i fell in love with this thing. it really gets the job done for what i need it for. there's hardly any noise. infact the only time i get noise is if the contacts are dirty.


in a nuclear war all that would live on are cockroaches and boss pedals. ive beaten the shit out of it and it still going.

General Comments

like i said i use it for boosting my tone for solos. before i used it to clean up the awful metal zone and it did ok. i think it works very nice with a chorus pedal. anyway its built like a tank and gets the job done.

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