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Sound Quality

I play everything from old blues to EVH. Blues and classic rock tones are pretty easy to achieve with just the volume. Getting to EVH just requires the right pedals. Speaking of pedals, this amp loves them! I have the 'Version 3' of this head. Seems Epiphone has fixed alot of the problem areas that the earlier versions had. To me that means alot of those mods don't neccesarily need to be done here. The sound quality is top notch. Excellent sound and very loud. I also have the Epi cab. The speaker only sounds better with age. The stock JJ Tesla/Electro-Harmonix tubes are great upgrade from the previous junk on the older versions. For those of you who view the one knob as a limiting factor consider tossing an EQ pedal in the chain. Amazing what happens!


I've had mine for 10 months and it has been perfect. I usually run mine at full bore for at least one hour everyday. Excellent reliability!

General Comments

This amp is an excellent buy. Top notch quality (made in China)at a very affordable price. I would for sure replace this amp if it were stolen. I really wish Epiphone would build a 20W version of this amp with a few more knobs(gain and such) and the possibilty of adding a second cab. That has nothing to do with this awesome amp however. Overall this amp is the cats meow.

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