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Sound Quality

i use an ephiphone sg 61 made in korea and a marshall valvestate 80w8080 maybe it sounds good white solidstate amps but whit my amp hm-3 sounds shi**y.i dlika a stoner rocksound like motorpsycho,kyuss,sabbath but with this distortion you cant understand what you are playing and if you diminuish the distortion the sustain is awful .i think it could be good for bass player cause have an extra-bass knob


once you get an ac adaptor you could use it for days whitout damage,you could also throw down from a bridge and he would work again

General Comments

i plai stoner rock hard rock grunge but hm-3 could only be good for industrial metal.i d been playng for 4 years.i also have a boss chorus ensamble but it s too digital,i ll sell it too.if it were stolen i ll thank the thief.i ll buy a mt-2 or a pro-co or a mxr distortion +.i hate it because there is no way to get a good sound and on solos it seems too digital.it could only be good for stupid


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