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William Mathewson Devices (WMD) Geiger Counter

Sound Quality

Ok...when I first plugged it in my reaction was to leave the room twisting my hair and mumbling ..mommy ..mommy! Never felt like that from a stompbox before! Than...Once I settled down and decided there was no way to just flip from table to table and see what it can do...I just chose the first one and developed something of a system of knob tweaking that worked the table through its paces so to speak. You have to understand or not...this thing can make sounds that will make sense to you or no sense at all..noise if you will...good noise..bad noise???? your call..who knows! Many of the sounds I like... I craft with the idea of using the pedal as a very unique distortion or fuzz box...nothing to extreme but with over and under tones that can be metallic or octavelike...or similar to various filters you may have used....The idea is making its preamp duties dominate and letting the noises be more tightly controlled. The tables do intensify as you go...up to you to figure out which is the least intense and how to group them..but a fuzz box setting thats musical can than be changed to a sound effect by simply moving the table up one or two..so its not always a matter of starting over again and again. Speaking of sound effects this thing is full of um...ringers..computers...spaceships...just fiddle and find. In any case there is no way to say that it sounds right...or it sounds rinky dink...just not possible because...those are both possible! The 10 is because...I was hoping it would do what it does and I'm thrilled to death with how it sounds doing it. Theres no other way to say that concerning this item!


Seems well built...nothing flimsy or cheapy here...seems as good as the best pedals you've ever seen! Havent had it long enough to say it'll last..but it appears that it should.


General Comments

First..I really like this thing...if you ever thought..gee I'd like something other than a typical stompbox to step on when you take a lead or accent a song..well here it is..come and get it!


Next...while there are a couple of other similar sounding devices out there...if your the type who has wondered..what would it be like if the maker put enough ability to tweak the box fully for better or worse throwing caution to the wind regarding results so you could endlessly experiment...again...wonder no more...come and get it!


I'd buy another in a heartbeat cause its very useable if you let yourself get into it. You dont have to max it out every inch of the way...play it cool and its musical as all hell yet nicely different...go extreme and surprise..even shock yourself and others...you'll have all the girls and boys wondering how you did that...whatever it was..if ya wanna!


Also...this gets along great with my other boxes...I use it right along with an M-13...no problem....sounds insanly good with a POG btw as well as wah pedals and auto wahs..use all your whirly swirly stuff with it...you name it.


I have fun with this pedal...I would caution though...this aint your daddies tube screamer...so much more than a ring modulater and you need to be a tweaker...other than that....lots of possibilities!

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