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Sound Quality

This guitar nails the P-90 experience. Huge sound yet single coil. The neck pickup is big and fat sounding. Nice and rich and full. The bridge pickup has a nice level of brightness without being thin. No harshness at all. When clean the guitar get this really nice low growl that becomes more present as you bring up the volume. This is why you want this guitar. When you add gain the guitar just soars. It handles dirt extremely well retaining a very nice level of clarity thru distortion. Great note separation. No mud! BTW the tone controls on this guitar work. You roll it back a little and you have useable tone not just dullness. Also worth noting. I use 9 - 42 strings and the guitar still sounds fat. You dont need 10's unless you like them.This is important to me. I like lighter strings because they are so bendable.


This guitar seems to be as solid and sturdy as a guitar can be. I have an H 535 that I've owned for a couple of years. Never a problem. Not one! From all I can see I expect the same from the 137 so I'll give it high marks based on my other experince with Heritage.


General Comments

I've been playing guitar for 39 years. I own many guitars. Fender , Gibson ,PRS,G&L,Gretsch,Rickenbacker,Carvin. I play Rock , Hard Rock, Classic Rock ,Blues , Jazz , a bit of Metal when I want to blow the stink off. For most of what I play the 137 is perfect. I love the semi - clean growl and snarl this guitar gets. I've tried other P-90 guitars ,even the expensive ones and this guitar rocks. If something happened to it I'd get the same guitar all over again. If it were stolen I would'nt use that as an excuse to try something else. I'd want another 137.

Reviewer's Background

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