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Sound Quality

Setup : ADA MP-1 -> (hissssss) -> Rocktron Patchmate /w HUSH (thank god for that...) and then the Q20, fed into a Mesa-Boogie 50/50. The Q20 is very quiet, effects sound great. The only disadvantage is, there is no Master-level per preset (well, if you combine direct level and effects-level there is, but that's 2 parameters to change, and I'm lazy..) The only thing I haven't tried is the distortion, but I believe you will always need a (tube)preamp for that.. The sampler is a lot of fun to play with also. A little like the lexicon jam-man. Overall : Good, clean sounding effects


It never gave up...

General Comments

I play in a TOP-40 (rock)coverband. I get all the sounds I need from this thing. Basically I only use a little chorus /w delay/reverb, but what I use sounds great. Dumped my boss GX-700 for it :-)

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