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Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

oops!... that hot glue idea did stop the rattling of the bridge, but it also killed the resonance of the guitar. I swapped out the glued bridge with a better bridge that doesn't rattle, and the guitar just came to life. Now it's resonant and lively like a $600 guitar should be. I'll go ahead and take back the "needs to open up" statement. I think I can give it a solid 9 now so now I say, the stock "Adjust-O-MaticTM" bridge is crap! it rattles like a bag of bones...change it out for something decent. In sum: this guitar ships with crap tuners, crap bridge, so-so/average pickups... change what you will, but I'd go in that order. If you can't find a good deal on some SD seth lovers or gibson '57 classics, and can't afford $260 for TV Jones, you can get the Golden Age humbuckers from stew-mac for about $50 each, and those sound really good. Some people on the gretsch forums seem to like the GFS Retro-trons, and those are not that expensive either.



General Comments

I'd also like to note that I own two electromatic gretsch guitars...and they can both keep up with my american strats. Besides this one, I've got a silver Pro Jet, which I bought because I saw Conrad Keely of the Trail of Dead playing them all over. That's a great guitar too, and a peach for the money. That guitar I didn't have to change anything on, and I love it and have been playing it for years...I think it was about $315 on ebay. so I'm in the Electromatic Gretsch fan club I guess

Reviewer's Background

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