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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I definitely had to read the manual to understand where I was starting from, but then it seemed to click in and really be user friendly. I have played single coil (Jackson Soloist w/EMG's), double coil (Schecter w/Duncan humbuckers), and piezo pickups through this thing and even the piezo sounds good. That never happens. It's amazing the subtlety of tones I can get and particularly so with single coils which sound really thin through just about anything else. I'm old school. I want the guitar to blow through the band when necessary. Those glassy Andy Summers tones don't work well for me unless there's some meat behind them. This amp can make it happen.


This is where it gets a bit sticky. I have a lean back cart on which I have loaded many amps. Just rolling it across a parking lot has loosened the large screws holding the chassis to the cabinet. I have had to tighten them on a couple of occasions when I heard rattling. The metal grill is great, but it's tougher than the cheap cabinet. I have used this amp sparingly over the past six months and the vinyl is bubbling up off the wood underneath. I also have some pretty large tears in the vinyl on the sides, and the cabinet is slowly crushing where the amp leans against my cart when rolling into a gig. Very nasty wood used. I would accept a few extra pounds to have a more solid cabinet. It kind of feels like a toy. PLease note that these comments are only in regard to the cabinet and not to the electronics which are stellar.

General Comments

Love the amp. Someone wrote that you can only store two pre-sets. I beg to differ. You have the option of programming one of the two foot switches to effects on and off or to switch to manual mode. I programmed to the latter. I have pre-set one set to clean. When I kick the number one switch I have it set to go into overdrive. Switch number two, which I have prgrammed to manual mode, I have set with the same sound I have on the clean setting, but adding chorus. Works for me. You can set the three sounds to be anything you like, but you have to remember to program your footswitch accordingly to be able to do this.

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