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Sound Quality

Here's the thing- the RP1 has BOTH INPUT level adustment as well as Output adjustment. What does this mean? Simple-- you can plug all your favorite stomp boxes into the FRONT of this thing and not overdrive it- you get the sounds you want, and then you can come out of the RP1 STEREO, using its EXCELLENT modulation, delay and reverb effects. None of the newer pedals, like GNX2, 3, 4 or 3000 let you do this. The tweakability of the RP1 is unsurpassed by any of the newer pedals. It shares the same engine as the studio effects unit DSP 256, a rack mount for studio use. The effects are Compressor, 4 types of distortion, chorus, flange, 6 band graphic EQ, Master Level, Noise reduction, all sorts of digital delays, a very nice selection of digital reverbs including REVERSE. You are given a large palette of algorhythms which pre-select combinations of effects, and you choose one for your sound- pretty much you can find any algorhythm that will combine the effects that you want in the way you want, then edit and tweak each to your hearts content. The downside is the compressor is pretty basic, but it works fine- no attack adjustment, just amount and level. The distortions- well, not particularly adjustable either, and pretty basic. No problem-- put your favorite overdrive pedals in front of the board and use those, they will be much better if you have a decent pedal or two or three. As mentioned before, you will retain the full flavor of your pedals since the input and output levels of the RP1 are fully adjustable. You can put a wah, a compressor pedal, any number or combinations before the RP1- no problemo at all. Where this unit really shines is in the 6 band graphic EQ, the noise reduction is fine, but ESPECIALLY the chorus and flange, the digital delays, and the reverbs- all outstanding, and extremely tweakable. This pedal is worth the price for the FLANGER ALONE. I suppose I should keep this a secret. I compared the flanger on the RP1- thick, rich, sexy-- against the Genesis 3 (again BETTER specs than all the other GNX pedals)-- its no contest. The RP1 flanger is sublime, and no matter how I tried, I could not match it on the Genesis. Although it lacks an analog delay, the digital delay is also superb. The reverbs are nice as well. To top things off, this pedal has an OUTRAGEOUS internal mixer that allows you to adjust input and output of the modulations, delays, and reverbs like crazy. You have to see this to believe it. It goes WAYYY beyond simple levels in the mix, but allows you to mix and adjust modulations into the delays and reverbs, etc etc. Nothing like it in the GNX pedals. To top things off-- NO WALL WART. Just a plain computer AC cord, the transformer is built into the thing. The thing also has amp simulators-- admittedly very simple, and really just EQ settings- nothing at all like amp cloning. The idea here is to put it into an amp you like or into a board-- not to imitate every amplifier on the planet. Hey, I have two beautiful Fender amps, a solid state amp, and a large selection of analog pedals-- that's more than enough. BUT, if that isn't enough, then you can simply plug anything you want after the RP1-- for example, I do like many of the effects on the Genesis 3 that are NOT on the RP1- rotary, panner, analog pingpong, a few others (but not many frankly). I bought my Genesis for about $100, and tonight I got a GNX2 for the same-- I can simply use one of these as an auxilary effects pedal if necessary for more effects. For basic sounds, reverb, delay, flange and chorus-- the RP1 fills the bill BETTER at the things it does. By the way, you can use the RP1 to control via midi patch selections on the Genesis 3, like a controller pedal. I haven't figured if you can use it for a effects bypass yet, like the controller X. No tuner on the RP1 unfortunately. I could not find any actual specifications for the RP1-- but here is what my educated guess and excellent ear is telling me-- probably 16bit (CD quality) - 85-90db signal to noise-- HOWEVER- since you can tweak the input level, you can get this unit QUIETER than any of the GNX2, 3, or 4 models, as well as the Genesis 3- NO HISS when you adjust properly. This is a real trick on the other newer units. With the 6 band EQ, you can set it up quickly to sound perfectly clean with no effects, and match a plain direct input very very closely. Once you set up this "normal" sound, then you can go about modifying any way you choose. 75-- SEVENTY FIVE!!! user programs, 75 factory programs-- awesome. Okay, its not 24 bit, 96khz--- but it is plenty good for any gig you are every going to do, and probably more than sufficient for any recordings except perhaps the most sterile recording you would ever consider. If you listen REAAAAAAALY carefully on the very tail ends of notes, you might note some digital grit-- but only if NOTHING else is going on. Most scenarios, nobody will ever notice.


The thing is how old now? 14 years--- it still works fine. Don't abuse it, and who knows how long it will last.

General Comments

FIFTY DOLLARS. Fifty freaking dollars-- you can't get one effect Boss pedal for that. The best $50 I ever spent on a guitar pedal.


I bought one years ago for $90, sold it, regretted it, found another for $50.

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