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Sound Quality

I hate like hell to do this-- but my friend Phil and I compared this pedal against the Zendrive and Tanabe Dumkudo and Zenkudo pedals. I sold my Lovepedal, and bought the Dumkudo/Zenkudo Twin. My main objection after hearing these other pedals is that the Lovepedal does not have an effective TONE control relative to the Zen and Tanabe pedals- you can not dial out high frequencies added by the overdrive gain. There is the toggle, but it is largely ineffective when compared with these other pedals which are VASTLY more controllable in regards to tone. The Zendrive can be had for $200, the same price as the Kanji. It offers the same quality of distortion with FAR more tonal control, and absolutely wonderful overdrive qualities. The Tanabe pedals are even better-- but they are 30% more expensive. I sold my Lovepedal and Digitech RP1000 to buy a Tanabe Dumkudo/Zenkudo Twin-- and I couldn't be happier. See my review for the Zenkudo. It is a PERFECT overdrive pedal, albeit, at a premium price.


General Comments

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