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Sound Quality

The best overdrive pedal I own, hands down, and I've tried LOTS of pedals including Zen Drive, Lovepedal Kanji 9, and others. Perfect- Huge variety of sounds, absolutely no loss of tone- zero loss- all the bass and all the treble remains- all the TONE remains. Zero extraneous noise. You simply dial in the degree of overdrive you want- adjust tone, and style of clipping. Beautiful natural sounding overdrive. Dumkudo side has more Zenkudo side has less Use individually or together. Works well in combination with other pedals-- including my Vox Tonelab LE, which I have set up to emulate a Dumble clean. I use through vintage Fender amps, that are clean sounding unless I really crank the volume. This pedal gives me PERFECT breakup from nothing to medium to medium hard breakup-- perfect sound, natural sounding, stellar quality. The guy did his homework. My friend has a very nice Zendrive. I like this better because there is more variety to sound, but every bit the quality of the Zendrive- it does the Zendrive thing-- and MORE. Perhaps what the next generation Zendrive should be. I have a beautiful TS9 analogman Silver mod, and a BD-1 Analogman mod, and a Real Tube by Butler A/C box with a vintage GE tube. This is more versatile than any of these, and could replace any. (Although I will not part with these pedals, as I can now stack them all and get outrageous combinations.) The "Dumble" sound? Never played one. First class real tube quality breakup without losing a millimeter of your guitar tone? Absolutely.


Looks extremely solid. Inside everything has silicon gooped on it for cushioning. The PC board does float, but is cushioned extremely well. I anticipate zero problems. Case and knobs are first class.

General Comments

I've never been 100% happy with an overdrive pedal till now.


This is the one. Will never ever sell.


Pricey. Yes, no doubt.


I've sold my Lovepedal Kanji 9 and Rp1000 to buy this.

Smartest thing I ever did.


Neil Slade

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