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Sound Quality

My friend and I just spent an hour doing a shootout- we both have really good ears-- Kanji 9 $200 Zendrive $260 Barber Direct Drive with PC Mods $169 Ibanez Japanese Vintage TS9 with Analogman Mods - $200 Real Tube with GE 5751 vintage tube- about $100 In my mind the Kanji was the best of the battery pedals. Perfect tone, nice to very good versatility. Great Pedal. The Zen drive was equally great, but less overdrive at the top end overall, however with improved easy tonal flexibility- pricey though. An interesting tone, and unique breakup quality- though the Kanji could come extremely close, and equal in many ways, and better in some ways at 1/3 less cost. Great Pedal. $$$$ Barber-- it was like a good quality Honda with lots of bells and whistles-- but lacked essential tip top quality that came through with the others. Least musical. Good Pedal, maybe very good. Not great. Ibanez-- pretty classic screamer- with the Silver Analogman mod- a stellar pedal, but with limited tonal variation respectively. Otherwise- sounded perfect for what it did. This is a GREAT Pedal. Real Tube-- the only drawback being it is A/C power only--- but it was a shining star. for the money- a run away screaming bargain- extremely extremely versatile tone. Smooth distortion. Insane EQ capabilities outstripping all the others. Great Pedal.


General Comments

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