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Barber Electronics Direct Drive w/ Mod Board

Sound Quality

First of all, you can clean up this pedal switch on in various was. But once you kick in the overdrive-- you start to lose sparkle and something ESSENTIAL from your guitar. Again, comparing with the Lovepedal Kanji and Kanji 9-- we REAAAALLY spent a lot of time comparing. The Barber is a GOOD sounding pedal. Great? No. The Lovepedal is great. There is a reason the Barbers are less expensive- to a discriminating ear, the Lovepedals are BMWs or Lotus, and the Barber is a Toyota or Honda. So- I drive both a Lotus and a Honda- their both good cars. But the Honda will never be a Lotus. They do a lot of different things. But the ESSENTIAL TONE? Lovepedal comes out on top. We TRIED really hard to love the Barber- especially at $40 less than the Lovepedal-- two of us tried, we TRIED. By comparison, it sounded cheaper-- and >>>I noticed this withing the first minute of playing.<<< I thought? Uh oh- where did the tone go? I spent a good hour dialing it in as best I could- in the end-- couldn't be brought up to the sparkle and quality of the Lovepedal. My guess- cheaper components, maybe more circuitry to go through.


who knows

General Comments

Very good pedal.

Stellar? No. Great? No.

Not a Lovepedal.



For $169 I expect GREAT.



I bought the Barber to give it a chance, to see if I was missing something in versatility over the Kanji 9, which has one basic sound

that you can get some nice variations with per the two 3 way toggles.



Maybe the Barber has a few

more tricks in it's bag with all the trim pots and such INSIDE-- but at the end of an hour -- it didn't matter. It's certainly not a turd-- maybe a good hot dog-- but "you can't polish a turd"-- if you know what I mean.


My analogman modded TS9 does far less than the Barber- but what it does, i.e. TONE-- it does better. Do more with less.


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