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Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Nothing better. Nails everything from analog to digital to tape-- including incredible modulations/chorus/flange and some reverbs. Good lord!! It's says TIME FACTOR- but you realize, all these modulation effects are actually time based effects that happen when you mess with the interplay of delaying waveforms. I got this delay because I couldn't tweak my other delay pedals to get the "grunge" I wanted when I wanted it. I.e. changing the bit rate, the filters, and more than you can think of. THIS pedal lets me get EXACTLY what I want, it's quite incredible. And, discrete stereo-- so I can use old stereo output pedals like my Ibanez chorus, and retain the stereo output into two amps for the thickest sound in the universe.


Built like a tank. I would expect very.

General Comments

Well-- you want a LOTUS? A FERRARI? It's going to cost you a few bucks.

But this is worth every penny. Nothing else comes close. Nothing.


Once you mess with one of these, you will be spoiled forever. Why go halfway. Sell your child. Send your wife to a second job.


Neil Slade

The Book of Wands











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