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Sound Quality

Just a little UPDATE ON THE KANJI 9 PER the TOGGLE SWITCHES The function of these toggles becomes more evident when you crank the overdrive level- when the overdrive is minimal or low or moderately low- the different toggle positions are hard to discern. HOWEVER- as I've found, if you push the overdrive level higher, the toggles and their effect become much more evident- again, not RADICALLY so, as the advertising might have you believe i.e. 9 completely different tones-- but rather variations in the overdrive, and as you increase the overdrive levels, the variations become more evident-- something I did not sense previous, as I normally use more moderate levels of overdrive most of the time. The function of the toggles are as such: Right toggle is tone-- clean, and two different levels of rolled off treble. So this is a way to darken the tone of this pedal's overdrive- to a degree. The left toggle will change the clipping- in the center, the toggle is off, left is slight clipping (compression) and right is more clipping. So the two toggles add a fair amount of versatility that is missing from the original Kanji. Worth the extra $30? Perhaps. Depends on how much your wallet is bulging. I am quite content and happy with the pedal overall.


General Comments

Again, not a huge VALUE-- per cost, but it's a killer overdrive of

the best quality.


Nice that Proguitarshop allows returns.


ONE NOTE: LOVEPEDAL PUTS NOTHING on the bottom of their pedals to protect the bottom surface-- ten seconds on any floor, and you'll scratch the hell out of it. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING????


Put feet or a pad on the pedal the minute you get it and before you use it.


But if you do scratch it- it can be fixed--- whew>>>>>>


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