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Vox Amplug AC30 Headphone Amp

Sound Quality

I was skeptic at first, as I bought it with 2nd thoughts- I play live at church every weekend and It's a hassle to bring all my stuff(pedal board fx) but once I tried to connect this straigth thru the MIXER PA- setting the GAIN/TONE at 7 this really shines! I do not used a my fx pedal anymore- I just use my guitar's volume control to clean up the tone at low setting and attain a singing tone sound when maxed. I couldn't believe my ears that it this sounded good! use the amplug volume to match your prefered mix when playing live! I set this at 7.5 to cut right thru the band- just tel your soundtech to keep an eye(ear) whenever your sound drops or if you're too loud.


plastic fragile!

General Comments

I use this live at church and It did not disappoint me. It cut right through the band as well as the weekend service recordings. No pedals or amp used- just connect it to a D.I and into the Mixer PA. and voalla!

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