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Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Pedal Original Reissue

Sound Quality

I also owned a ts808 and I like the ts9 even more, no wonder SRV changed from ts808 to ts9....Ts808 is too dark for me and way too middy- I couldn't pull out nice palm-muted harmonics tones in it compared to the ts9, ts9 is a well balanced one. . I like the ts9 because It tends to be brighter, more grainy or would you say got a bit more edgy which can sound sound modern compared to the oldskool tone of the ts808.


the whole pedal assembly looks and feels cheaper compared to the ts808 reissue. also uses the TA4558 opamp chip instead of the JRC which is installed in the 1st batch of ts9. Paint finish is dull and the pcb definitely looks cheaper also compared to the ts808. With this downfall on the materials used I still like the tone compared to the ts808

General Comments


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