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behringer PB100 Preamp Booster

Sound Quality

as all have said it- its a nice booster making your sound bigger and turning it "in your face tone" but not entirely overdriven I would set the tone controls both bass/treble at about 9:30 o'clock and the gain at about 1 o'clock tone control is not that good, somehow Treble knob is not that significant unlike with its' Bass Gain control is OK! you get it slightly overdriven past 1 o'clock I suppose to rate this at 10, but i'll take a point-off, since it has a subtle tone suck.



General Comments

Over all this is an OK pedal! since I can't really afford an RC booster


with its' cheap cost it's a good alternative


but still you have to keep it in mind that Behringer pedals are just clones


so you get cloned sounds also =/

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