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Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

This is a follow up on my recent review about the mod I had done with my OS-2. I did try to follow Ilya-V's advice on changing c23(4.7uF) to 33uF. There was an increase in bass which is good but the quality of drive was compromised, it became weak. I was not totally satisfied so I restored it back to 4.7uF again. Next I took out D8 and short circuited it making it a symmetrical clipping like the TS's design. I was amazed to hear that it had also increase bass and still retains the quality of the drive!This is a better mod. Next I took out C6 and left it open. Now it became open-sounding and clearer, picking nuance was enhanced, compared to the stock where the sound of the amp is like being covered with a blanket or something. Try this at home and you will unleash the potential of your os-2.


General Comments

I would rate it overall 9 with the mod and 7 at stock.

Try this mod - it's better I'd tell you-cheers!

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