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Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Reissue

Sound Quality

Before I get to own this- I saw the you tube demo TS5 VS. TS808 and you could not tell the difference from the video, Then I bought this TS5 just to take a piece of the TS action- I was amazed how it sounded, sooner I acquired this HOLY GRAIL TS808, Now I can see, I can see... TS5 is thinner sounding than the TS808 TS5 is darker sounding than the TS808 Now believe TS5 is more likely a clone of the TS9 and not in anyway a copy of the TS808 This TS808 can sound like a distortion too just set the tone knob at a low setting about 9-10 o'clock and the gain about 2:30 o'clock( going further more makes the drive sound compressed, turning it to overdrive flavor). The tone knob is a mid-scoop type. Over all this is a thick overdrive, will cut thru any mix or any band setup!


the casing is thicker than of the BOSS, weights in like a brick

General Comments

This pedal has its limitations, it's the best for it does, but not for metal sound, but combining it with other drive pedals and using it as a booster will definitely redefine your charisma as a guitar player tone!

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